Satellite Bird Clubs

Due to the large geographic area that the Wits Bird Club serves it was decided to form a series of Satellite Bird Clubs to service the needs of those members and birders a little further afield in Gauteng from the Wits Bird Clubs headquarters. Each of the satellite branch clubs organise their own outings, monthly meetings and occasional weekend trips.

The members of the satellite branches are first and foremost members of the Wits Bird Club.  All satellite members are encouraged to participate in the Wits Bird Club activities and outings, as well as those organised by their respective satellite branch clubs. The same applies to Wits Bird Club members who may not be a member of a satellite branch but are welcome to partake in their outings/activities. The chairman of each of the satellite branch clubs are invited to the Wits Bird Club committee meetings to provide ongoing input of their various satellite branch activities.

If you are currently a member of the Wits Bird Club and are interested in joining one of the satellite branch clubs you can do so by using the contact details pertaining to the branch club in question or by contacting the Wits Bird Club.

For a brief synopsis and history of each of the satellite clubs click on these links: