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Interesting Reading:

Gamebirds of Africa


Rob Little has updated the definitive monograph for this group of birds on the continent. The detailed full-colour handbook includes the latest information needed to identify and get to know the 89 species that fall into six groups: guineafowls and Congo Peafowl (7 species) francolins and partridges (33 species), spurfowls (26 species), quails (3 species), sandgrouse (13 species) and snipes and Eurasian Woodcock (7 species).


Gamebirds of Africa offers a concise summary of the large but scattered body of accumulated scientific research and field-guide literature. This now includes recently published research which has elevated two new spurfowl species, one new francolin genus and 13 new francolin species. Existing maps have been revised and new maps have been created for the 15 new species.


Pertinent and interesting facts about the distribution, habits, breeding, and conservation status of each species are presented in a readable fashion. Numerous photographs, many improved and representing the new species, convey the appearance, characteristic features, behaviour, and, in many cases, the habitats frequented by each species.


Gamebirds of Africa will be a worthy addition to the ornithological literature and to the bookshelves of bird enthusiasts, particularly birders, wing-shooters, land owners and anyone with an interest in nature and conservation, throughout Africa and across the rest of the world. The book will be found at most book stores and can be purchased from Wild Books online book store at