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4, 6 & 7 March

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Online Course

Aldo Berruti’s “Raptors”

Bateleurphoto by Kevin Fowler

Raptors are difficult! This course covers 65 of the most common raptors of South Africa. It will really help you to crack the perennial problem of large brown raptors – eagles, buzzards and more, and other groups such as goshawks and harriers. This course emphasizes process and species detail; it emphasizes shape (GISS) which is not sufficiently highlighted in identification texts. Aldo offers multiple images of each species, and engages you with annotation, polls, and repetitive work to help instill protocols for raptor identification. The three 90-minute Sessions are as follows:

Course outline

Three 75–90-minute sessions as shown below:

Session 1. Principles of raptor ID – falcons & kestrels
Session 2. Vultures and eagles
Session 3. Buzzards, Goshawks, Harriers, and other fantastic raptors

Course calendar:

Session 1: Monday, 4 March at 19:00

Session 2: Wednesday, 6 March at 19:00

Session 3: Thursday, 7 March at 19:00

The course includes detailed presentations, links to recordings of each session which are available for 7 days, and permanent low-res pdfs at the end of the course for reference.



18h45 for 19h00


R375 members, R475 for families, R425 non-members, R550 non-member families.


Aldo Berruti