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2-2024                                   FEBRUARY 2024

WhatsApp group for Wits Bird Club members

Please follow this link to join the group that we have created to send reminders for meetings, courses and outings.  Joining the group is completely voluntary, but we trust it will help to keep members up to date with our offerings and with last minute reminders.  Only Admins can post on the group, and it is not to be used for replies or general chat.  Please continue to write to Lauraine at the office for other matters.

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Sunday Atlasing Day

Atlasing days are held once a month to atlas the pentads falling within the Greater Gauteng area. You don’t have to be an expert to join in, you can travel with an experienced atlaser and learn how to atlas. If you would like to learn more or take part, please contact: Werner van Goethem on 082-462-7108.
14 February

West Rand

Wednesday Evening Meeting

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The purpose of the upcoming meeting for the West Rand Bird Club is to openly discuss the way forward, recruit new committee members, and address any remaining questions following the Annual General Meeting in January. We hope that you will be truly invested in the future of the club, please make every effort to attend and contribute to its rebuilding
Time: 18h45 for 19h00
Meet: Discovery Bowling Club, 4 Trichard Avenue, Discovery
17 February

Saturday Outing

Boon’s Road

Rufous-eared Warblerphoto by Warwick Tarboton


Calendars are now on sale at R130 delivered.

Please order from Lauraine.

The Boons Road is a rural dirt road that runs between the town of Boons and the N14 Ventersdorp road. The adjacent grassland and cultivated fields hold many grassland species and Orange River Francolin, Quailfinch, Eastern Clapper Lark, and Greater Kestrel are regularly seen. The target bird for the day will be Rufous-eared Warbler that was discovered as an isolated population many kilometres east of its known breeding area. This outing will be limited to 5 Vehicles.
Meet: 07h00 at the point will be where the tar road ends, and the dirt road starts. Cartoon Shocked Business Woman Using Binoculars #10404 by Ron Leishman .

Looking for a Special for your Life List?

Is there a bird that you really want to see for your Life List? Let Andy know and we will try and tailor a trip to find it.

Leader: Andy Featherstone (083 259 0231)
20 February

East Rand Bird Club

Tuesday Evening Meeting

African Pitta

photo by Rogerio F Fereirra

Chris Hines will be giving a presentation on the Birds, Butterflies and Beasts of Angola.
Time: 18h45 for 19h00
Meet: Country Life Retirement Village, Brentwood Park
Secretary Bird drinking 22 February

Thursday Evening Meeting

Cassie Carstens “Secretarybirds”

Secretarybirdphoto by Warwick Tarboton

Once common across the open savannas and grasslands of South Africa, Secretarybird numbers have declined dramatically over the past two decades. Habitat loss and extreme landscape modifications, collisions with power lines and fences, and a possible decline in prey items are but a few of the reasons that have led to this decline. Join Cassie Carstens, BirdLife South Africa’s Secretarybird Conservation Officer, on a journey across the country following these iconic African birds and learn what conservation and research work is being done to ensure their survival.
Time: 18h45 for 19h00
Meet: Linden Bowling Club,
Cost: R30 inclusive of tea, coffee & snacks. Drinks and meals are available from the Bar.
28 February

Wednesday Outing

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Spike-heeled Larkphoto by Warwick Tarboton

Spike-heeled Lark
Rietvlei Nature Reserve comprises 3 800 ha of Highveld grassland with occasional patches of acacia woodland. The Rietvlei Dam and the Marais Dam are linked by the Grootvlei Spruit and there is an extensive network of roads around the Reserve. As the reserve now contains some of the Big Five, visitors are only allowed to alight from their vehicles at designated picnic spots. African Finfoot has been observed from the bridge over the spruit and the grasslands are a prime area for larks and cisticolas. This outing will be limited to 5 Vehicles.
Meet: 07h30 at entrance.
Leader: Dave Bentley (083 253 4995)
Cost: An entrance fee is payable
A bird flying in the air

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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Online Course

Aldo Berruti’s “Raptors”

Bateleurphoto by Kevin Fowler

Raptors are difficult! This course covers 65 of the most common raptors of South Africa. It will really help you to crack the perennial problem of large brown raptors – eagles, buzzards and more, and other groups such as goshawks and harriers. This course emphasizes process and species detail; it emphasizes shape (GISS) which is not sufficiently highlighted in identification texts. Aldo offers multiple images of each species, and engages you with annotation, polls, and repetitive work to help instill protocols for raptor identification. The three 90-minute Sessions are as follows:

Course outline

Three 75–90-minute sessions as shown below:

Session 1. Principles of raptor ID – falcons & kestrels
Session 2. Vultures and eagles
Session 3. Buzzards, Goshawks, Harriers, and other fantastic raptors

Course calendar:

Session 1: Monday, 4 March at 19:00

Session 2: Wednesday, 6 March at 19:00

Session 3: Thursday, 7 March at 19:00

The course includes detailed presentations, links to recordings of each session which are available for 7 days, and permanent low-res pdfs at the end of the course for reference.

Time: 18h45 for 19h00
Cost: R375 members, R475 for families, R425 non-members, R550 non-member families.
Facilitator: Aldo Berruti



BRANCH CODE: 191-305ACCOUNT NO: 1913 257 789


Future Events
3 March – Sunday Outing

Mokoya Lodge, Hekpoort

9 March – Atlasing Day

Various Pentads TBC

12 March – Tuesday Outing

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

21-24 March – Long Weekend Outing

Elgro River Lodge, Potchefstroom

23 March – Saturday Outing

Dinokeng Game Reserve

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